wood smoke hangin’ in the hills ’round the shack
hound dogs are howlin ’cause the revenuers’ back
like skunks pickin’ banjos they’re sneakin’ through the sticks
lookin’ for a still, ’bout to see some tricks
pappy with a pistol and jug o’ brown spit
pops ’em from behind
now git

snake oil salesman tryin’ to make a dime
bag o dirty tricks, book o shady lines
sly as the dickens… spinnin’ smoke and mirrors
you say you got the goods, whyoncha roll on outta here?
that’s hooey that yer pluggin’, take an icy mitt
don’t make me say it twice
jist git
scat, skeedaddle, amscray, shoo
beat it, bug out, be gone with you
vamanos, go ahead on,
motate, split, you gotta move on
let the door hit ya where the dog bit ya
hit the road jack,
now git.

uptown perfume piercing the night
highfalutin hussy with black widow eyes
she’s a hooch swiggin’, gold diggin’,
ring-a-dinger an’ fast
on a red hot caper since her 7th husband passed
betta hang on to your daddy
‘cuz she’s puttin’ on the ritz
take a hike, toots
yeah, git!

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